Members share their stories...

"I was dating a fellow teacher who was a member of "Hounds for Harmony", a men's barbershop group. He took me to an event where I met a bunch of women who sang with Queen City Chorus. They invited me to attend a rehearsal. I had not sung since I was in high school, but I always enjoyed it, so I attended a rehearsal and was hooked.

I have no idea what happened to the guy I dated, but my passion for singing has been going on for almost 52 years. I have sung with several choruses and seven or eight quartets. I really enjoy quarteting.


It took me a while to finally become a member of a Sweet Adelines and eventually the Jersey Harmony Chorus chapter because the rules for joining years ago were very strict. You had to attend 6 consecutive rehearsals. Since I had commitments as a school teacher and a scheduled summer vacation, I kept missing a rehearsal and would have to start the 6 consecutive rehearsals all over again! I finally did join, and it was the most wonderful choice I ever made." Anita Barry, Bass

"Eight years ago, I saw an announcement in the Princeton Packet for a Jersey Harmony Chorus Open House, and I decided to check it out. I remember walking into the rehearsal space and being mesmerized by the sound of four-part harmony. I just loved it from the first minute I heard it, so I kept coming back.

It took me a while to get up the courage to audition, but once I did, this experience became the beginning of 8 years of incredible joy! I had forgotten how much I missed singing.

In addition, I am especially touched by the sense of community we have here. I love the fact that we’re all ages and come from all backgrounds. I am looking forward to many, many more years of singing with this wonderful group." Gail Bruno, Baritone

"My friend Stephanie had a sign on her lawn that asked, “Love to Sing?”, and I do love to sing! She encouraged me to visit her chorus and after listening to them sing a couple of songs, I really wanted to do this.


Once I became a member, I was positioned right near Alice, my section leader, which helped me get used to singing the melody along with the harmony parts. My first competition was so exciting and singing in performances feels great! I love the energy of performing with the chorus.” Meridith Dudzinski, Lead

"I always loved to sing and was accepted into Westminster Choir College after High School. After a year, I decided not to continue to pursue my degree there and instead moved into the IT world, but I always missed singing and had been looking for a chorus for a long time.

All the choruses I looked into were either too far away or didn’t jive with my work schedule. Then one day when I was shopping, I saw a sign outside of the shop that said “Ladies, Love to Sing?”, and I sent an email to Carole the membership person. She replied and told me to go to the next rehearsal to see what Jersey Harmony Chorus was all about.

Being a part of Jersey Harmony Chorus and Sweet Adeline's International has given me many opportunities to work on improving my vocal skills and production as well as my stage presence and confidence. I am now singing Bass in a registered quartet, and we have competed 3 times in the annual Sweet Adeline’s regional competition. It has been a wonderful experience!" Melissa Forbes, Bass

"In 7th grade I tried out for a chorus and didn't make it. On my list of worst fears (with fear of dying being number two), singing in front of people was number one. 42 years later, I gathered up the courage to try again with Jersey Harmony Chorus.

After my first audition, I was told to go home and listen more carefully to the learning tracks. I went home and cried but was determined to give it one more shot. I knew the song and was determined not to let my nerves get in the way.

During my second audition, I closed my eyes and pretended that if people were listening, they were naked and had other concerns besides my singing. When I finished and heard the applause, I knew I had broken the "no chorus will ever accept me" curse.

I love being part of a community and find that no matter how tired I feel, by Monday evening the opportunity to sing with friends who feel like family energizes me and reminds me why I continue singing with this group." Caryn Speizer, Bass

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