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Who's Who

Our Director

Kat Britt knew she wanted to sing barbershop when she saw The Buffalo Bills in the movie "The Music Man". She joined Sweet Adelines Intl in June 1996, singing in her first chorus AND her first quartet!


Now she sings with Harmony Celebration Chorus and directs Jersey Harmony Chorus, both in Sweet Adelines, and sings baritone in Holiday Belles Quartet in Harmony Incorporated and Sweet Adelines.


​In 2012, Kat won Region 15's Novice Director award.  In 2016 she led the chorus to a second place win in the Small Chorus division and became a Harmony 500 Director. At the 2017 competition, under Kat's direction, Jersey Harmony placed second again in the Small Chorus category, and also took home the Most Improved Chorus award.


Our Management Team


Kat Britt, Chorus Director

Diane Trampe, Finance

Sarah Ringer, Secretary

Alice Tempel, Team Coordinator

Sandra Hoedemaker, Communications

Carole Auletta, Membership




Board Members with their Special Flowers at Installation (2).jpg

Our Chorus

JHC Competition 2019.png

LEAD                                  BARITONE                    BASS                              TENOR


Meridith Dudzinski          Carole Auletta             Anita Barry *                 Diane Trampe *

Stephanie Gamse            Gail Bruno                   Catherine Cummings   Laura Transue

Sandra Hoedemaker            Sarah Ringer                          Michaela Finan

Judy Katz                            Ita Rosenblum            Melissa Forbes           
Gulnara Latypova             Gillian Schwert          Karen Kumpf                          

Magdalena Montoya        Sarah Waterbury

Sarita Shaevitz                   Kat Britt * *

Alice Tempel *                                        

Robin Wells                    



*   Section Leaders
** Section Leader and Director

Our Quartets!


Baritone - Georgette Crystal
Bass - Karen Kumpf
Lead - Susan Schuman
Tenor - Sarah Coffin

Holiday Belles

Tenor - Dana Dunlevy
Lead - Janene DePalo Williams
Bass - Shayna Atkinson
Baritone - Kat Britt
Holiday Belles.jpg

Yearly Accolades

Director's Choice Award

Sarah receiving Director's Choice Award (2).jpg

Director's Choice - Sarah Ringer (Left)
with our Director, Kat Britt

Rookie of the Year

Devi receiving Rookie of the Year Award (3).jpg

Rookie of the Year - Devshri Desai (Left) with
our Membership Team Leader, Carole Auletta

Sweet Adeline of the Year


Sweet Adeline of the Year - Sarah Ringer (Left) with our Membership Team Leader, Carole Auletta

​​ Member of Note 2022

Member of Note 2022 Anita Barry.jpg

Anita Barry, our choice for “Member of Note” in 2022, is the matriarch of our Jersey Harmony family.


A Sweet Adeline for 55 years, you’ll find her in the center of the risers, blowing the pitch pipe for us. She continues as an astute bass section leader, a valuable member of the music team and reminds us of all regional events and programs. When show time comes, Anita also handles the program book. She is a consistent attendee at our outside performances and is always relied upon to be prepared and helpful.


Anita first received the Member of Note honor in 2012, but we all feel it needs repeating. She continues to be a vibrant, hardworking, contributing member. We are so proud to have celebrated Anita’s 90th birthday with her this year.

We all send well wishes to Anita and are looking forward to her 100th
birthday celebration!

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