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Kat Britt knew she wanted to sing barbershop when she saw The Buffalo Bills in the movie "The Music Man". She joined Sweet Adelines Intl in June 1996, singing in her first chorus AND her first quartet!


Now she sings with Harmony Celebration Chorus and directs Jersey Harmony Chorus, both in Sweet Adelines, and sings baritone in Champagne Alley Quartet in Harmony Incorporated and Sweet Adelines.


​In 2012, Kat won Region 15's Novice Director award.  In 2016 she led the chorus to a second place win in the Small Chorus division and became a Harmony 500 Director. At the 2017 competition, under Kat's direction, Jersey Harmony placed second again in the Small Chorus category, and also took home the Most Improved Chorus award.


Our Management Team



Top Row

Kat Britt, Chorus Director

Sandra Hoedemaker, Communications

Carole Auletta, Membership

Middle Row

Sarah Ringer, Secretary

Meridith Dudzinski, Performance

Alice Tempel, Team Coordinator

Bottom Row

Diane Trampe, Finance

Our Chorus

LEAD                                  BARITONE                    BASS                            TENOR


Meridith Dudzinski          Carole Auletta            Anita Barry*                Natalie Heker

Christine Estrada             Gail Bruno                   Melissa Forbes           Diane Trampe*

Sandra Hoedemaker       Sarah Ringer               Karen Kumpf              Laura Transue

Judy Katz                           Deb Santilli                              

Maina Shaevitz                 Tara Savolos              
Sarita Shaevitz                  Gretchen Zimmer

Alice Tempel*                                                                                                        


* Section Leader  - Kat Britt, our Director, is the Section Leader for the Baritones

Our Quartets

Love That Red! Quartet

Baritone - Debra Santilli
Lead - Kim Mann
Bass - Melissa Forbes
Tenor - Diane Trampe

Champagne Alley Quartet

Baritone - Kat Britt
Lead - Sharon Ehrisman
Bass - Shayna Atkinson
Tenor - Stephanie Brictson

Harmonics Quartet

Baritone - Georgette Crystal
Lead - Susan Schuman
Bass - Karen Kumpf
Tenor - Sarah Coffin


Kat Britt 2019 and 2020

Kat Britt

The members of Jersey Harmony are exceptionally proud to present our director, Kat Britt, for this year’s Member of Note.  Kat is an extremely dedicated director that brings her talents and knowledge to us each week, always providing an uplifting spirit and humor along with a myriad of information to consistently bring the chorus new challenges and the ability to raise the level of our performance.  She is always attending informational events and coaching, bringing new ideas and approaches to the chorus.  She gives generously of her time, in most situations with no compensation.  All members get the attention they need whether it be musical advice and guidance or just an encouraging conversation.

In addition to sharing her directorial talents, Kat is a valued member of Jersey Harmony and participates in many of the tasks and positions that keep the chorus running smoothly.  She always joins in on fund raising efforts, always making a major difference in the project outcome.  Kat helps with communications, keeps an eye on our web site and social media, making contributions and making sure the information is up to date.  She is an asset to membership efforts by always addressing our guests and making them feel welcome. 

Kat is a 24-year member of Sweet Adelines, has participated in five choruses, acting as Assistant Director in two.  Always a baritone, Kat has belonged to many successful quartets, one winning Region 15 and going on to International. She is known throughout the Sweet Adelines world and has barbershop friends everywhere! 

Kat and her husband, Rory live in Warren, New Jersey. Being an ardent fan of miniatures, Kat works in a doll house shop and has a village of themed doll houses that she has built and designed.  An accomplished artist, Kat performs many styles of Victorian methods and has received accolades in competitive forums, among them many Victorian painting methods and rug hooking. With all of this, Kat still finds time to take part in many events celebrating the history of her community and our country.  She spends much time decorating her charming home full of many period collections and working in the garden, both being a sight to behold.

We are so proud of our director and friend, Kat Britt, a Sweet Adeline that truly sparkles!  

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Kim Mann - 2018

Jersey Harmony Chorus Woman of Note 2018, Kim Mann

Jersey Harmony Chorus is excited to present Kim Mann as our recipient of this year’s Woman of Note award.  Kim brightens our front row each week with her lovely tenor voice, cheerful smile and enthusiasm.  A member since 2014, Kim, being the ultimate hostess, has served on the hospitality committee since joining and on occasion, has hosted various JHC social and work sessions in her home.  More recently, she has been Secretary on the management team and presently serves as Team Coordinator. This year, she has also become a Music Team member, splendidly serving as our choreographer.   

Kim and her veterinarian husband, Joel, reside in Hillsborough, NJ along with their son, Matthew, daughter Alison, who are both currently college students, and a small bevy of cats!    The family enjoys lots of activities together, highlighted by their ski vacations.  She has recently rejoined the work force and is loving her position in project management.

Although a tenor in chorus, Kim shines as the lead in “Love That Red!” quartet.  Along with three other JHC members, Diane, Deb, and Melissa, “Love That Red!”  always adds delightful entertainment to JHC shows and occasional outside performances. 

We are so pleased to have Kim recognized by Region 15 for her devotion, hard work, vocal prowess, friendship, and joy that she brings to Jersey Harmony Chorus.

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Sarah Ringer - 2017

The Jersey Harmony Chorus has chosen as their 2017 Woman of Note, Sarah Ringer.  Since joining the chorus in 2012, Sarah has supported several chorus projects.  Most recently, she headed up the costume committee which, for our 2017 contest, created costumes for 27 members.  Adapting the “Mary Poppins” theme, Sarah took on the designing and sewing of many of the costumes herself.  She and her committee spent Saturdays and Sundays at her home, cutting out patterns and sewing costumes for the director and each member.


Sarah is the mother of an adult son and daughter.  She has had a career as a librarian. She currently lives in Princeton and enjoys gardening, reading, attending concerts, photography, playing piano, and travel.  She has a keen interest in music theory and aspires to learn barbershop arranging.


In the past years, Sarah has served as Grant Writer, resulting in a county award.  She has served as co-agent, procuring performances for the chorus, assisted our liaison in her duties at Regional Competition, and has arranged for refreshments for several events.


JHC is pleased to have the opportunity to congratulate and publicly thank Sarah for her efforts in the interest of the chorus.

Gail Bruno - 2016

A member of Jersey Harmony Chorus for almost five years, Gail Bruno always brings a little spark of joy each time she takes the risers.  As a member of the baritone section, Gail is almost always in attendance at performances large and small, as well as rehearsals.   Gail is a willing participator in so many of our activities necessary for the operation of the chorus as well as special events.  She is a front row performer and presently serving as Performance Coordinator on the management team.  She has been active in choreography, emcees, hospitality, and countless other positions.


Singing has always been an important part of Gail's life. Starting at age 2 or 3, she loved entertaining her family, continued to sing through her school years in a chorus  and a small women's ensemble in high school where, as a senior, she had the lead in their musical.  In college, Gail sang with a select women's a Capella group for all four years.


Gail's career brought her to West Windsor-Plainsboro  High School where she taught French and Spanish and eventually, after earning a Master's degree, became a guidance counselor, remaining in the district for 34 years.  Her passions include a  love of animals (especially dogs), travel, music, Broadway theater, reading, gardening, tutoring French and attending local concerts and theater, She is looking forward to exploring tap dancing, Italian, inventive cooking,  and photography. This is our Gail, a never-stopping bundle of exuberance and energy.

To add to her always busy life style (and this is the way she loves it!), in 1989, Gail adopted a 2 week old baby girl, Kara Beth who now lives in Hoboken.  To know Gail is to love her. Thus, she stays very connected to her daughter and extended family, as well as many many friends, several of which include former students.  We  are so pleased to have her as part of the Jersey Harmony family and look forward to her smiles, her animated stories, and her presence on the risers for a long, long time to come.

Alice Temple - 2015

Since the year, 2000, Jersey Harmony Chorus has been fortunate to have Alice Tempel on their risers.  Alice is a lead singer with an analytical mind. Her personality and approach certainly reflects her scientific background.  However, she never fails to surprise and amaze us when her wry sense of humor suddenly emerges. 

Alice has always taken a responsible role in the chorus operation, both musically and administratively.  Presently, Alice is the lead section leader, pitch pipe blower, and assists in voice-placing prospective members.  She is the management team coordinator and also works on the finance committee as the dues collector.  Whether it’s a performance, fund-raiser, social gathering, or just plain “grunt” work, you can pretty much expect that Alice will be there.

We, at Jersey Harmony Chorus, are happy to award this honor to our good friend and chorus mate in recognition of the leadership, helpfulness, encouragement, support, and many smiles she has brought to us.  Thank you, Alice!

Diane Trampe - 2014

What a pleasure it is to bring Diane Trampe’s talents and dedication to the attention of the New York/New Jersey Region as Jersey Harmony Chorus’ 2014 Woman of Note!   

Diane has been JHC’s Financial Coordinator for about seven years, always with timeliness and efficiency.  She is an assistant section leader and a most valued tenor. She has a firm handle on the music, whether reviewing old repertoire or brand new selections and can always be relied upon to jump in with accurate tenor support. Diane always finds time, many times needing to re-arrange her work schedule, to be the much-needed tenor at our small performances throughout the year. A member of both the management team and music team, Diane is always a reliable member to conduct a fundraiser, get us moving with physical warm-ups, and generally lend a hand wherever she’s needed.     

Diane has been a Sweet Adeline for 17 years, joining when Jersey Harmony was known as Millstone Valley Chorus.  She is the tenor with “Love That Red” since 2016. 

Deb Santilli - 2013

Jersey Harmony is proud to honor Deb Santilli as this year’s choice for our Woman of Note. Deb contributes greatly to both the administrative and musical duties, always with an unassuming manner and calm demeanor. JHC was thrilled to have Deb join us in 2006 after singing four years with the Fairbanks Frontier Chorus in Alaska.  She is the baritone in the quartet, “Love That Red”.

It is such a pleasure for us to have Deb recognized by our region for she is a dedicated member of our organization and strives to not only grow and improve personally, but consistently works for the growth of Jersey Harmony and in her loving, kind and attentive ways, makes things better for all of us.

Anita Barry - 2012

Mickey Mears - 2011

Robin Carberry - 2010

Kat Britt - 2009

Carole Auletta - 2008

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Sandra Hoedemaker

Helen Evans

Carole Auletta (Left)

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